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Fitness Information
It might come as a surprise to some, but anyone who has ever turned a lap in a kart understands why driving a Formula 1 car is known for being one of the most physically demanding tasks in sport, as the ultra-performance machines subject the driver to gravitational forces of up to 3.0 g in any direction. A Formula 1 cockpit is a difficult environment, and a driver must be in peak physical form to get all the performance available from the car, and from themselves.

In order to ensure that the drivers are up to the task, Red Bull has made significant investments in the study of fitness, and the focal point of this dedication is the Red Bull Training and Diagnostics Center in Thalgau, Austria. The center is operated by famed sports training specialist Dr. Pansold and his team. Most Red Bull-supported athletes visit the center for a thorough evaluation of their physical conditioning and guidance with their training regimens, and the Americans in the Red Bull Driver Search are no exception, as they must undergo three days of grueling exercises designed to take their bodies to the limits of their capabilities. (read more)