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What is the Red Bull Driver Search?
Am I eligible to participate?
Why 13 to 17 years of age?
How can I participate in the Program?
What are the Run Offs?
When and where are the Run Offs?
Is there a cost to participate in the Run Offs?
Why 13 to 17 years of age?
As the goal of the Program is to place an American driver in Formula 1, we choose to be bound by the parameters set by F1. The F1 teams recruit drivers at a young age, so that they can groom and nurture them to success. The Driver Search Program finds talented young drivers at the grassroots level of motorsports, funds their development and primes them to be picked up by an F1 team, therefore, it is imperative that our drivers are selected young.

While there is no absolute age rule as to when a driver can make it F1, experience has shown that drivers must developed from an early age to have a chance of success in Formula 1.