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What is the Red Bull Driver Search?
Am I eligible to participate?
Why 13 to 17 years of age?
How can I participate in the Program?
What are the Run Offs?
When and where are the Run Offs?
Is there a cost to participate in the Run Offs?
How can I participate in the Program?
To participate in the Program, you will have to compete in Open Qualifying. Open Qualifying is being held at 60 indoor and outdoor karting centers across the country during April 2005. Each center will hold a competition to find the three fastest drivers, who will be awarded with a place in the Run Offs. You will need to contact your local karting center to find out the specific dates and format of their competition.

Open Qualifying for the 2005 Program concluded on 1 May 2005. Keep logging onto the website to get updates for the 2006 Program.