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What is the Red Bull Driver Search?
Am I eligible to participate?
Why 13 to 17 years of age?
How can I participate in the Program?
What are the Run Offs?
When and where are the Run Offs?
Is there a cost to participate in the Run Offs?
What are the Run Offs?
The Run Offs are two karting events run by Red Bull in July and August. All of the Open Qualifying winners will attend one of two Run Off events, each hosting up to 150 participants. At this stage of the competition, the Scouted Karters will join the Open Qualifying winners to compete for a place in the Semi Final.

The Run Offs will be highly competitive events with drivers contesting in Rotax karts set up by SSC Racing. There will be eliminations at every round of the competition, and drivers will be expected to perform to their highest potential.

Five karters will be selected from each Run Off event and invited to attend the Semi Final in Sebring, FL.